Why everything have to be just different and depressing life never been positive. I’ve never had a moment where i’m the one you love before i do love you, why do i have to be attache to people so much, why did i felt in love with the wrong person who will leave me sad and i’ll just can’t stop thinking about them. Why did life chose me to be the miserable one i didn’t want to be sad any way, but everything is happening to me is just doesn’t give me any choice to be happy, and when you’r sad from many things and you just cry you don’t really know the reason but it’s everything you’ve been through, nothing is happening to make me happy, everything is just happening to make me cry, i’ve got nothing to do with it i can’t stop crying if bad things kept happening.

Happy person is not happy

When you see someone who is happy with ppl, laughing with them and just pretend that he doesn’t give a shit about a thing, will your wrong because this person is the most miserable one in this life because he is just so sad thats he’s tired of being sad and crying all the time, he gives a shit about allot of things thats supposed to not think of and he has been hated in time you weren’t with him, so you don’t just see a happy person and wish to be happy like him because you know whats the most hated thing in his life? No its not being sad, is just pretending to be happy all day and cheering up others while he was the one who needed that but he just cant be sad on front of you ppl like him doesn’t want to all of his friends getting a bad mood just for him so he pretend laughing while crying inside.

Alone can be happiness too

I love to be alone when no body is telling me what to do,which better to watch and why eating that food, that moment when you’re totally alone just holding your phone but talking to no body and just start thinking of yourself because you’ll be the only one who lives,trust and love yourself no matter what you got and didn’t get. Will thats the most moment that i would love to live it for the rest of my life just me and basic things of life, i don’t even need love friends or family just me money a car and just a place for only me to relax in, with you people all whats happing is fight there is no happiness to be with someone who tell’s you what to do and what not, basically i need me,me and ONLY ME!.


Trust nobody, they will say trust me i’ll help you but it’s all a lie they just be against you and then you’ll simply say that could never happen and i’ve trusted him, will some of might really own that trust because they really love you more than them self, but no one is available in this generation. They could keep helping you and you’ll keep trusting them but one day they’ll start going away from you, but you might seem okey with that they do what ever they want, but then they’ll start loving people they know you love, and you’ll be like wtf! You used to hate them and you wanted me to stay away from them and hate them too. But no their friendship was build just to destroy you, get your secrets and made you his best to just take your weakness, and you’ll feel like the most stupid person in the world and wish you could keep killing them alive.
Be carful when you chose your friends they can make you high or even under the ground.


Sometimes you think your life is getting better and everything works the way you want, it is a good feeling tho but it just doesn’t least forever same as all other good feelings, bad feelings could least forever but good ones No it’s just every time it moves to someone else and then your life get suck as usual, it’s like everything bad get back to happen again, the person you love despairs your food gone and just everything happen to remind you that your not having a happy life so don’t mix things up and think that you have a hope to your miserable life, you don’t you can’t face your life to be better or maybe you can, but it seems impossible to me.

Whats wrong?

When some one say’s whats wrong? And you just say ‘nothing’ sometimes that doesn’t mean I’m mad at you or i don’t want to tell you, its just i don’t even know whats wrong with me too many bad feelings thats makes me think thats everything is the reason why I’m sad, but its actually i don’t know I’m tired and i hate my life and you’ll think thats I’m not telling you whats really wrong, you should know thats its not you its everything around me, just don’t be sad and thinks thats all what I’m sad about is you be positive you are not that big important to make my day wrong and i really don’t give a shit about, so why you don’t be happy and get the hell out of my life because you are not in it.