They always say ‘be kind’ and never be bad i see no meaning for that. I’ve always been kind and nice but sometimes being kind is just not helping to move with you’r life at all. People always use kind people because they don’t say ‘no’ their just okey with it even when they try to it just they got emotional to others, but others are the worst they use them way too much with their kindness. Bad people always get what they want they can say ‘no’ super easily and just lie to people and never think about what will happen to them, they just go where they want and just think for them self. I don’t say be bad but look what they got and nice people are always simple and okey with it, but you know they are not okey with it they just pretend for you and they hate to be sad in front of you or what’s really makes you sad that’s all just for you because they love you. You know fuck love it never been good at all. Just now think of your self in this world because people who thinks of you are less or properly doesn’t exist, all others you think they love you are fake. Just don’t attach them too much because one day you’ll know the truth about them. Don’t waste your time for them the one who loves you might show up for some of us but that one for me might be dead or didn’t born yet but i’m not waiting for anyone.

Thought of mine💭

Have you ever got that thought that when you’er doing something it returns to you, will bad things always return fast but good things never shows up. At first i thought maybe bad things come first and we have to wait for good things but i waited way too much that i could die and good things will move to others. I guess life were not meant to be ours it’s always been hopeless to me it just so hard for me to continue this life with just no positive thing in it, i always do good things and try to be perfect but no life is just saying “do good do bad i don’t give a shit” should we stop doing good things being nice to people?.

Road of love

Thats road of love some of us are taking right now, it might be easy in the beginning so we continue with out and never change the road or go back. It was rough when you get to the middle of it all the fights and broken hearts happen there,if you cant go through them you should backup now and go home, will i wish i haven’t get into this road it wasn’t easy at all at the end you might end up by fixing your fights and you’ll say the road was worth to fight for, but some of us might see a big hole there and never now how to walk through it just because they left us alone on this shitty road. Love sounds a nice word but it’s so heart breaking never go to that road just fuck and leave, sometimes details are not so good to look at.